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Fed Ex ground shipping and returns on all orders

Fed Ex ground shipping and returns on all orders

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Always be ‘on’ around fireworks.

Fireworks are no joke, and you or someone else can get seriously injured while using them. “These are very risky devices that require extreme caution,”.

Never let children handle fireworks.

Keep a close eye on children at any events where people are lighting fireworks.

Keep pets inside.

Again, most animals become extremely frightened by the loud noises and burning smells of fireworks and are likely to run away if they’re not kept safely inside.

Don’t light a firework in your hand.

“There’s no reason to ever do this,”  “It should be well-secured on the ground in a way that it can’t tip over and be directed at other people.

Clear a large area around fireworks before you light them.

Light fireworks in an open, clear area away from cars and buildings to minimize contact with things that could catch fire. Don’t let anyone enter that space immediately before and after you light it, Keep in mind that you’ll need to make the space even larger with bigger fireworks.

Never re-light a ‘dud’ firework.

“Sometimes you get a fuse that may be slow‚ then you go back and it goes off,”  Wait at least 20 minutes before handling it, then soak it in a bucket of water. Keep buckets of water or a hose nearby at all times.

Avoid alcohol while handling fireworks or sparklers.

It’s just an accident waiting to happen, so save the booze for afterward. “You need to apply a lot of common sense."

When you’re done, douse all fireworks or sparklers with water.

You don’t want a trash fire on your hands.

If you experience a large burn or any injury to the eyes from fireworks, seek medical attention immediately.